2910002233900 -VDO Reed Switch Fuel Sender 250 mm 90-0 Ohm - VDO

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VDO Reed Switch Fuel Sender 

  • Tubular Reed switch sensor plastic / stainless steel
  • Tube length: 250mm - Ø 40mm
  • 5-hole SAE Flange 54mm
  • Resistance empty-full: 91-1 Ohm
  • Suitable for water and fuel
  • Replaces fuel sender 224-225

VDO Reed Switch Fuel Sender 250 mm 90-0 Ohm. Replaces fuel sender 224-225

These fuel senders are designed to be an improved replacement for legacy VDO Tube Type senders used in a variety of marine and industrial applications. Stainless steel tubes immersion tubes makes them ideal for various fluid measuring, and non-corrosion mounting flanges are ideally suited to marine and weather exposed environments.

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