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Classic Instruments

"Having seen almost every instrument out there, I would recommend that anyone wanting gauges to complement their own car check Classic Instruments. I chose Classic to give my own street rod the right finishing touch."
~ Tom Gale

Classic Catalog 2016

From magazine cover cars to the winner's circle at the most prestigious national auto events, you'll find Classic Instruments proudly on display. The best of today's custom built cars and trucks are truly hand-made rolling sculptures costing thousands, or often hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are painstakingly and individually crafted to exacting standards to fulfill the dreams of their owners. Those same words could also be used to describe any of our products.

At the Classic Instruments shop, every automotive gauge is assembled from hand selected components at the personal work bench of one of our skilled craftsmen. Isn't that the way you would want every component of your special vehicle to be built?

Classic Instruments manufactures many STYLES of automotive gauges and instruments, with various TYPES of gauges / instruments designed in each STYLE. From the All American Style to the Hot Rod Style, Classic Instruments offers a practically unlimited choice of combinations. Why settle for plain when you can have your automotive gauges done your way?

Please begin by selecting from among the STYLES below (click on the name or picture of the STYLE)!

  • Classic Instruments All American Series

    All American Series

    Tom Gale, formerly Chief Designer of the Daimler Chrysler Corporation, has led the Classic InstrumentsTM design team in the production of a beautiful new series.

    This new series incorporates the unique look of spun metal into a graceful All AmericanR series. The instrumentation is delicately hand crafted, with a raised "AAW" logo. This innovative design features curved glass, which flows into the smooth contour of a polished stainless radial bezel.

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  • Classic Instruments BelEra Series

    BelEra Series

    The BelEra Package delivers twenty-first century accuracy and precision in an elegant design to complement the classic lines of the 1955 and 1956 Chevrolet.

    The BelEra Package includes: An electronic 140 MPH speedo, 8,000 RPM tach, oil, volt, temp and fuel gauges, plus high beam and turn signal lights. A gear selection indicator insert for automatic or overdrive transmission is optional. Fits your stock gauge bezel.

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  • Classic Instruments Silver Series

    Silver Series

    The Silver Series adds a bold graphic look to complement today's high tech interior designs. Tear-drop pointers float over computer-machined swirl-cut centers in this unique instrument design.

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  • Classic Instruments '57 Chevy Series

    '57 Chevy Series

    This exclusive Gauge set is only available from Classic Instruments™. The '57 Chevy Pod Cluster is designed to fit easily into the stock pod cluster of a '57 Chevy

    This Gauge set comes with an interface box to make installation and calibration easy and lees time consuming.

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  • Classic Instruments Classic White Series

    Classic White Series

    A favorite design that captures that elusive "Continental" flair of the 20's, this newest version of our original Classic Series (first conceived in 1975 and the design that started our company) retains the same stylish appeal. The Classic White Series offers a clean and elegant image for your restored or classic truck.

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  • Classic Instruments G / Stock Series

    G / Stock Series

    The G / Stock Series gives your car the great look of American muscle car performance.

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  • Classic Instruments Hot Rod Series

    Hot Rod Series

    Designed as our tribute to the early days of street rodding, this series introduced the return of curved glass lenses. The definitive expression of tradition... the timeless and series look of black and white.

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  • Classic Instruments SG Series

    SG Series

    The all new SG Series features a popular grey and white face design and bold graphic layout.

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  • Classic Instruments Tetra Series

    Tetra Series

    This three gauge instrument cluster ia a great solution for an all inclusive gauge package. Each kit comes complete with all the appropriate sending units and everything you need to install the set into your vehicle.

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  • Classic Instruments Traditional Series

    Traditional Series

    The Traditional Series reflects the simple yet decorative styling of the great performance cars of the past.

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  • Classic Instruments Vintage Series

    Vintage Series

    The original Vintage Series offers you the elegance and detail of the golden age of motoring. This styling has been a favorite of Classic customers for over 20 years - and has been more widely copied than any other instrument design in history!

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  • Classic Instruments White Hot Series

    White Hot Series

    The no-nonsense racing look of our Hot Rod Series with a gleaming easy to read white dial face.

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