02300-29 - Datcon Fixed Fuel Sender 20" 240-33.5 ohms - Datcon

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Datcon Fixed Fuel Level Sensor

  • Tank Depth: 20"
  • Ohm Range: 240Ω - 33.5Ω
  • Position: 2
  • Terminal: 10-32 STUD
  • Type: Heavy Duty

Datcon Fixed Fixed Fuel level Sender

  • Tank Depth: 20.0"
  • Ohm Range: 240Ω - 33.5Ω
  • Ground: Common
  • Position: 2
  • Terminal: 10-32 STUD
  • Style: Heavy Duty Senders / Sensors

Heavy Duty Senders: Fuel, Temperature, Pressure & Speed.

  • Fuel Senders: Full line of heavy-duty fuel senders for O.E.M. applications.
  • Temperature Senders: Full line of economically priced temperature senders available in Datcon "high" & "low" range matches.
  • Oil Pressure Senders: Full line of regular-, heavy- & severe-duty oil pressure senders for O.E.M. applications.
  • Speed Sensors: Four standard magnetic sensors: 3/4"-16 threads, 1.9" & 3.4" long & 5/8"-18, 1.9" & 3.4".

DATCON INSTRUMENTS: DATCON IS A HIGH-QUALITY BRAND PRODUCED BY MAXIMATECC. maximatecc is a global manufacturer and full-service supplier of electronic controls, monitoring systems and vehicle accessories. maximatecc's products are preferred by leading original equipment manufacturers (O.E.Ms) in the off-highway (construction, agricultural & mining equipment), specialty vehicle and motorcycle, on-highway (truck & bus), industrial, power turf equipment, emergency vehicle and marine market segments as well as heavy-duty and automotive aftermarket.

Datcon brand traces its roots to the original Hamilton Watch Company and in 1970, a separate company was formed - Datcon Instrument Company - to manufacture automotive clocks and hourmeters. "DATCON" is an acronym for "Dimension And Time CONtrol". In 1995, Datcon acquired Industrias Jorda, S.L. (Barcelona, Spain) and in 1998, the company was merged with Stewart Warner Instrument Corporation to form maximatecc. Today, Datcon is regarded as a premier O.E.M. brand and in fact, many of our products are privately labeled for market-leading manufacturers.