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New / Emerging Products

  • VDO 3-Gauge Kit - Vehicle Controls

    Special Gauges Kit

    Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, and Voltmeter in a VDO Cockpit White & Chrome 3-gauge kit (all hardware and senders included) ... $100 (over 50% savings)!

  • VDO- SingleViu Gauges


    VDO's SingleViu instruments represent the latest technology in instruments, and offer a top of the line solution by being able to work directly with traditional analog senders or work directly off a J1939 CAN network.

    Each SingleViu gauge has it's own microprocessor, which allows it to have a dual-input capability that can be switched from it's default analog input to J1939 CAN via the SingleViu Configuration software.

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  • Classic Instruments Bel Era III Package

    '55-'56 Chevys - Bel Era III Package

    Classic Instruments' Bel Era III direct-fit package offers the perfect combination of all-electric technology and the nostalgic stock look of 1955-'56 Chevys.

    The new direct fit package is the perfect way to upgrade the interior of your classic Chevy!

    This package features a Speedometer, Fuel, Oil, Temperature, and Volts gauges in your choice of four styles.

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  • Classic Instruments 1973-87 Chevy/GMC Truck Package

    1973-87 Chevy/GMC Truck Package

    Classic Instruments' direct-fit cluster features a speedometer and tachometer, and fuel, oil, temperature, and volt gauges.

    The all-electric cluster arrives ready to install directly into the stock dash of '73-'87 trucks, Suburbans, and Blazers, with ease!

    Everything needed to install the package is provided in the kit including a new lens and all necessary sending units.

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  • VDO Series 1 Agriculture and Industrial Gauges

    VDO Series 1 Agriculture and Industrial Gauges

    VDO has expanded their Series 1 line of instruments!

    Series 1 now includes Agricultural and Industrial instruments.

    The housing of these instruments is up to 50% shorter making them ideal replacements for tractors, gen-sets, fork-lifts, and other similar equipment where traditional mechanical instruments will not fit.

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  • 1964-66 Chevy Truck Package: Classic Instruments

    1964-66 Chevy Truck Package

    This Classic Instruments Direct-fit cluster features a speedometer, tachometer, fuel, oil, temperature, and volts gauges, and a 12V quartz clock decked out in one of four color schemes: Black, Tan, White, or Gray.

    The all-electric cluster with easy snap-in wiring harness arrives ready to install directly into the stock dash of 64-66 trucks.

    Everything else needed to install the package is provided in the kit including a scratch-resistant acrylic lens and all necessary sending units.

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  • VDO Reed Switch Fuel Sender

    VDO Reed Switch Fuel Sender

    We are pleased to announce!
    We have added Reed Switch senders to our extensive line of VDO fuel senders, featuring stainless steel immersion tubes, SAE 5 hole mounting flange with gasket, and .250 in. insulated spade connectors.

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  • VDO Pressure Switches

    VDO Pressure Switches

    Expanded Portfolio!
    We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our line of VDO pressure switches to now include 2PSI and 10PSI versions.

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  • VDO GPS Speed Sender

    GPS Speed Sender

    Unlike the competition, which averages 8K-16K pulses per mile, and gets a pulse every eight (8) inches, the VDO GPS Speed Sender emits 200K pulses per mile, delivering a pulse every 1/3 inch. Additionally, the VDO Sender receives signals from up to eight (8) satellites.
    VDO GPS Speed Sender is ready for use right out of the box and only needs to be connected to power and ground. It does not require transmission cables or calibration, and no buttons or switches need to be activated.

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  • Camera System VDO

    VDO Camera System

    Introducing the VDO Camera System now available in white! Get all of the same benefits and functionality of the original VDO Camera system in a new, stunning white housing. This housing is UV protected and blends perfectly with your car or boat.

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